Pathfinders South Africa

We offer a monthly gathering of the youth called PathFinders. Through experiences, talking circles and creative interaction we will help the Young People explore the teaching and practice of the indigenous wisdom and our current cultures in South Africa . We will craft Medicine tools such as Talking Sticks, Medicine Bags, Drums, rattles etc, throughout […]

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BE Willing or Walk Away

Be Willing or Walk Away … It is as simple as that. Do something 300% or go find something you WANT to be doing 300%. We have a finite amount of time here, why are we wasting it? Seeing as how we are such close friends, we can share the truth with each other … […]

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Good morning on the beautiful Tuesday 4 APRIL 2017 . As we encounter all life’s challenges I want to encourage you that this is your life. You only get one to live. Live it now. Everyday is another day to make some key changes that will get you going in a better and a more […]



“Be impeccable with your word.” We all strive to honor our word to others and therefore be trustworthy. We actually take pride in this, but are you truly keeping your word to yourself? It seems that we break our promises to ourselves constantly. Promises of better self care, promises to eat better, to exercise, to […]


Traditional Tea Party

We are having our next Tea Party in Sandown Estate Sandton on 29.4.2017 , The intention is to bring women together and then plan what we do . We  share Inner healing . We need a diverse group , Please show up to bring solutions.   We need to do a similar project for our […]

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MY life is constantly changing, ever evolving and moving in one direction or another. And there are times when I feel that I AM perfectly in control of this evolution, with a sense of purpose and total connection to our direction. But at other times, it can feel almost as if the carpet has been […]

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