The Power Within Each of Us

What is the process to transform a thought, a word, or an action into an offering unto Him? Bhagawan lovingly explains to us today.

One may desire for something good, which is due to an inner prompting (Iccha Shakti). But one cannot fulfill that desire unless one proceeds according to a plan which can guarantee success. The desire has to be developed into a deed. This requires Kriya shakti or the power of action. Above all, realisation depends on Jnana shakti, or the force and clarity of Wisdom, the self-confidence that flows from the mastery of the situation. This is a gift of grace from God – the God installed in the heart. God is Omnipresent. The Gita asserts that His hands and feet are everywhere; so are His eyes, head and face. No one can deny God or ignore Him. When a person denies God, he is denying himself. You must foster faith in God and know that He exists in all. That faith will plant in you humility, courage and reverence. Whatever one plans and executes must be sublimated as an offering to God.

– Divine Discourse, Feb 8, 1987.

Faith is the bedrock of spirituality. – Baba


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