Think about it this way…

you know how this whole universe is dual in nature, don’t you? Everything around us in existence, has its own polar opposite – right has left, up has down, jin has jang, masculine has feminine, weak has strong…

And so it’s the same in our perception and the view of the world. We all seem to have one specific MAIN polarities set, that governs our lives more than any other unconscious aspect!

Now that’s a big statement, but it does affect our personalities, decisions, behavior and the stories of your life, unlike anything else I’ve been aware of!

It plays such a big role, that metaphorically speaking, I refer to it as a book cover of your life. Where all the stories and little chapters in your life, are just a mere expression of the game/fight between these two polar opposite energies.

Each one pushing or pulling you its own way. And they never rest. As soon as you get to the one, the other one pulls even harder and people, totally unconscious about this happening in the background, simply experience life “as it is” and doing their best to cope with whatever is going on around them.

People seem to be in this unconscious prison if you will, playing the game of their unique twoPrimordial Polarities and going through life, attaching them to their Identity. Sometimes I’m weak, sometimes I’m strong… we tend to conclude… after we’ve experienced ourselves in both ways.

So “AM I WEAK” or “AM I STRONG” becomes the question….

And yet… you are neither weak, nor strong… You are the consciousness behind it all… and these are just mere roles you get to CHOOSE to play and use IF, and WHEN they serve you.

But where is this choice when we are unconscious about this invisible force, playing such a big role in our lives?!

How do you escape from a prison, if you don’t even know that you are in one?

Unaware, people build castles… only to destroy them (when that other side shows up and drives them crazy to do so). They build loving relationships, only to seek freedom from it… They build healthy and energetic bodies, only to end up sluggish and fat…

And so it goes, in an infinite number of polar opposites that one could have running the show behind the scenes of one’s life.

My newly discovered process helps integrate the two… and sets you free from that unconscious, compulsive need to do one or the other side… but leaves you with that bigger picture when you truly get that these two… are ONE whole thing.

And as you do that… the charge between them gets neutralized and you get to see your whole life run before your eyes, you get to see ALL of the events… as just a mere expression of these two forces, playing that push and pull game…

And then you get it, get it, get it… and your life changes for good… as your perception and the distorted reality of us vs the world, of separation… changes forever.

And then… as you continue using the process whenever there is any issue in your life, you get to integrate many other dual opposites, and set yourself free from that too… until we get to fully experience oneness :))


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