Why do I feel so alone and hurt at times , No matter what I try to do to fix everything outside of me , I always end up on the wrong side ,

Why don’t they see what I am trying  to do to make everything outside of me and for every one else OKAY?

What Am I doing Wrong , I try so hard to please everyone else ,

I  keep finding someone to talk to , to see If what I did is correct ,


The only person I should be talking to is my Best Friend, Inside of ME

Yes I need elders to guide me , but at the end of the day I need to see how all this resonates with me ,


The pain I feel from outside of me is the growth I need inside of me
I need to see where all this feelings comes from , I need to look at my beliefs and what works for ME , ONLY ME


When I love myself , and live this every day for a balance new Me for some time , I will then attract another whole person


Wow , This is so Easy


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