Our Daughters

In keeping with our MAD (MAKING A DIFFERENCE ) PROGRAMMES ,  we have connected to Jozi FM , a radio station in Soweto to bring exciting mentorship and leadership skills to young women.

We are part of an ongoing project to provide sanitary towels to school girls , Please donate one pack of towels to make a difference to one young lady , Just imaging when 1 pack can make a difference in one young girls life the rewards that follow of self confidence, self growth etc…..

Many young ladies miss school because they do not have the luxury of sanitary towels for a few days a month , We need to make sure we see this as an opportunity to make a difference in just one persons life , even if just as a once off.

Please broadcast  this project to your  work colleauges , family , friends and religious organizations and let us JOIN HANDS AND BE MAD .





Nisha Singh


Cell:083 803 9123

For Soweto , Gauteng



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