One of the keys to unsticking you from anything is the willingness to be different: different than the people around you, different than you were yesterday, different than what everybody else considers is normal, average, real and the same as everyone else.

What difference can you be, that if you would be it, would allow you to create your reality?

“We are always trying to make the good choice, the best choice, thinking that if we make the best choice then everything is going to come out a certain way. We are so vested in creating a result that we forget to create. If you have no result in mind, what you can create is greater than what you know.  If you have a result in mind, you can’t get anything better than that.”
Are you asking for the one tool that will unstick you from everything at once? How much stupidity would you have to give up to get out of all the things that don’t work in your life?


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