All People are stuck, in one or multiple areas of Life and are unconscious of it, or why.

It’s a very uncomfortable feeling and experience to be stuck and not know how to get unstuck.

So here I will articulate an extremely important piece of information in a simplified fashion for ease of understanding.

The Unconscious Core Ideas/Beliefs you hold about yourself, the world and your place in it, is the cause and driving force behind the blockages and resistance you experience on your life journey and road to success – on all levels.

The two indicators that indicate whether or not we are successful at life are based on (1) Surviving and (2) Thriving.

Your Survival is dependent on a built-in Survival Mechanism, which works by unconsciously creating “Ideas/Beliefs” in your mind about your Negative, Fear Based experiences.
Each “Belief” is formed as a result of unconscious assumption/s made at the time of the Negative Fear based Experience.
Throughout your Life these “Beliefs” serve as watchful beacons with the purpose of ensuring you avoid similar situations in the future, thus maximizing your chances of survival.

Remember, the definition of a belief is an acceptance that something, exists or is true, without proof.

So in order for the mind to make accurate assumptions, it needs to have experience and contextual data to cross reference experiences with. This is all great from the perspective of the adult mind which has gained years of experience and context to life.

BUT…THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is that the mind of a young person (child) does not have the experience and context, to make “accurate” sense of their Negative, Fear based experiences. So ALL young people unconsciously shape ideas/beliefs based on the one thing they do have context to, themselves. This is a natural survival based process that everyone is affected by, so there is nothing wrong with it or you.

You had a tough day at the office, you get home tired and just want to relax for 10 minutes, but your 4 year old son/daughter is there with a big smile excited to show you something amazing that he/she created that day. You, not having had a great day, in a loud voice chase him/her away or to their room, not thinking much of it.

In the meantime, your son or daughter experiences a level of fear and negative emotion during your loud communication to him/her from which they then shape an assumption-belief, which usually goes something like this:
• I’m not important
• I’m not good enough
• I’m bad
• Etc

Once a belief has been formed, it has to be justified in order to exist, therefore, the person unconsciously creates the circumstances and evidence to support the belief held – (basically a cycle or loop of negative feedback). For example this is the exact reason why people tend to get into the same kinds of relationships with the same kinds of people over and over again.

To put the icing on the cake, the person is completely oblivious to it because these Beliefs are protected by a Self Preservation mechanism; effectively keeping them out of your awareness and making you deny their existence.
This is to block you from finding and changing a belief, because that would also be a direct risk to your survival.

Mind Engineering is a process that absolutely has to be facilitated due to the nature of the mind as explained above.
By facilitating powerful breakthrough training sessions and workshops, I guide and show you precisely what you need to see.
This is a fundamental step towards actualizing your best version in order to actualize your best life, whether you are an Executive in Business, an Employee in Corporate or an Individual.

Bottom line is that you and Your People are what makes or breaks your personal life or business.

The majority of the issues in your life and within a company is caused and driven by THESE underlying factors on an individual level and how those factors influence performance & Interpersonal Flow across the board.

Get in touch when you are ready to take your life to the next level.

Have the Courage to follow your Heart 😉 Couteously of Maverick Place 



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