We live in a system of mental oppression.

Whether you agree or disagree these are some of the reasons why this nation has not progressed.

Taxis/mini buses

How can you say that … thousands of people rely on this transport to get around.


The system they created is designed to keep you oppressed and dependent on these services.

Ask people why they take a taxi … answers you get back;

1: I don’t have choice
2: I cannot afford to buy a car
3: This proves the system is created for you not to succeed.

Social grants

How can you say that ?

17 million people are dependent on this to survive.


The system is created to keep you in mental bondage over these few hundreds of rands.
Instead of creating proper jobs for our people.

Old age pension for senior citizens is necessary but our youth should never be dependent on grants to survive … that in itself is a human rights violation.


This system was created to divide and conquer the human race and it’s a massive manipulation scheme.

They fear the day that blacks and whites unite in the spirit of oneness.

So what do they do?

Use the media to promote fear and hatred amongst the people.

If we spend more time uplifting and caring for our fellow beings thats how we will bring about real change.


Millions of our people cannot read and write.
The government prefers it like that, uneducated people are easier to control and manipulate.

Abuse of alcohol

YES this is the most abused substance in the world.

South Africans consume the most alcohol in the world 12% versus world average of 6%.

Do the research you will find majority of the recorded fatalities like accidents/murder/rape/abuse manifested as a result of alcohol intoxication.

To change our world we need to change ourselves first.

Post courteousy of FB : Lets Change South Africa


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