MY life is constantly changing, ever evolving and moving in one direction or another. And there are times when I feel that I AM perfectly in control of this evolution, with a sense of purpose and total connection to our direction. But at other times, it can feel almost as if the carpet has been ripped out from under MY feet and whatever control I believed I had of MY ultimate destination, feels like just a blur and a vague recollection of thoughts and planning.

And when the carpet feels like it has been ripped out from underneath ME, I had to to go within. I felt and feel the need to connect with MY true essence and rediscover who I am and why what I do does not bring peace within me , in living my purpose for being here on earth.

Whilst this is almost always a very difficult process and a difficult place to be, it is a most precious gift that is given to ME by the source of all life, our Father/Mother God. It is in the making of that absolute connection that I find within MYSELF , that wonderful and rewarding, sense of connectedness. A sense that we are all part of a much bigger picture. That the world within which we exist is the same world in which others exist and that when we work together to love each other unconditionally and support each other in absolutely every endeavour, we can feel the carpet reappear beneath us. With the reconnecting to that all-compassing grounding and perfect foundation upon which our lives have been forged since the very beginning of time, we find within ourselves, a deep sense of knowing and absolute peace. Essentially that’s what we’re all looking for.

My life, over the last 5 year especially, has been one great lesson after the other. I have had to learn that in order for me to be who I truly want to be, I need to let go of who I was – sieve through all the drama and emotional connection to that – and what I have found, is that I am without a shadow of doubt, an absolute reflection of from where I came and that it is only through projecting that beautiful light into the world, that I can live.

My JOURNEY continues in that after accepting all the changes , there are still pieces of the puzzle that does not fit as it should , I set intention to know more and find a new path , in doing so I meet my TRIBE, MY TRIBE is people who will stand up for the positive impact an idea or project will make in my community , and while being excited for this new energy to heal the world I still carry the hurt of past hurt and trauma ,

We will discuss with the new tribe what needs to heal past wounds ,

Post By Nisha Singh


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