Pathfinders South Africa

We offer a monthly gathering of the youth called PathFinders. Through experiences, talking circles and creative interaction we will help the Young People explore the teaching and practice of the indigenous wisdom and our current cultures in South Africa . We will craft Medicine tools such as Talking Sticks, Medicine Bags, Drums, rattles etc, throughout the year… The goal is to encourage the Young People to find their own Path and honor the Earth and their connection to all of creation. PathFinders will support the youth in their “internal education” to connect to the truth of who they each are.
PathFinders meets one Sunday afternoon of each month. While our young PathFinders are learning about these ancient ways, and to look at our current cultures , the parents are welcome to join in a seperate circle for teaching workshop or to gather for coffee and snacks at the Venue .

Please contact us to showcase a teaching to able another to learn and understand the power of self,

Contact Nisha Singh on or on wats app on 083 308 9123


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